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Cappadocia Day Tour from Istanbul

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Cappadocia Tour Itinerary

We pick you up from your hostel and transfer to airport with an early morning flight from Istanbul to Kayseri. Then you will be transfered from kayseri to Cappadocia.

Your tour starts with Uchisar Castel a view of the moonscape volcanic valleys from the rock-perched natural rock citadel. After that a walk and enjoy the beauty of Devrent Valley, to see the extraordinary ‘fairy chimneys’. The next thing to do is exploring Goreme open air museum featuring the most impressive rock-carved churches and Byzantine frescoes in all Cappadocia. And lastly, you will visit the incredible Kaymakli Underground City, a Christian place of hiding from Arab invaders in medivial ages.

*Transfer to airport . Evening flight back to Istanbul.

For detailed information contact any Stay Inn Taksim Hostel member during or after your check-in.