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Hamam (Turkish Bath)

TURKISHBATH Stay Inn Taksim Hostel
The hamam ritual starts with having a look at the classic cotton hamam wraps (peştamal), towels and bathrobes, sealed soaps, scrub mitts (kese), copper bowls (tas), metal cups(maşrapa), tombac ewers (ibrik), kirden, pattens, and many more fine detailed pieces. You might also drink a glass of tea, turkish coffee or some lemonade before or after your experience at the Hamam and enjoy your own time in this mystical ambiance. Then the tellak will take you to the main hot room. you are supposed to lie down on göbek taşı.after a massage and wash with a traditional soap. after that you receive an intensive scrub with a kese. finally you’re ready to towel dry and enter the cool room, where you will receive a drink and lie down on a bed to relax.

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