Stay Inn Taksim Hostel – Beyoglu

Bed in 4 Bed Dormitory RoomRoom size: 9 m²

Lockers, reading lights, curtains in the mixed dormitory room
Curtains of the bunk beds for each guest.
Reading lights and electric plugs in the dorms.
Air conditioners in the dorms.
Mixed dorms offer 2 bunk beds for 4 guests.
Free lockers are provided to all guests in the rooms or in the locker rooms.
Shared or private bathrooms of the rooms.
Mixed Dorms
Mixed Dorms
Mixed Dorms
Mixed Dorms
Mixed Dorms
Lockers For Mixed Dorms
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This air-conditioned dormitory room is designed in a minimalist style with all-white walls and white furniture. It has a ceiling design inspired by mosques. The room offers 2 bunk beds, private lockers and shared bathroom facilities.

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